Beltany Stone Circle

Beltany Stone Circle is located just outside the town of Raphoe and was built in the late Bronze age years, between 1400-800BC. Its one of the finest examples of Stone Circles in Donegal and must have been of great importance due to its size. Although its unknown what purpose Beltany Stone Circle had it is believed to haveĀ been a place for religious rituals which included observation of the sun and moon.

Full Beltany Stone Circle

Beltany Stone Circle is made up of 64 large stones that enclose a low earth platform and it may have originally contained 80 stones.

Single Standing Stone

This single standing stone is located on the south east of the main Stone Circle.

Standing Stones as Beltany Stone Circle

Its believed the south eastern Standing Stone had some function for ceremonies held at the Circle.

Beltany Stone Circle

Some of the Standing Stones in the Circle are larger than others.

Looking clockwise at the Stone Circle

The views from Beltany are stunning.

Beltany Stone Circle is located outside Raphoe town, follow the road signs from the town and you’ll reach a car park. From there its a 10 minute walk up the country lane to the field on the hill. If its raining, make sure to wear some wellies.

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