Burt Castle Of The O’Doherty Clan

Burt Castle

Beside the southern shore of Lough Swilly stands Burt Castle. Built in the 1500’s it was once a stronghold of  the O’Doherty clan. Burt castle is perched on a hill that is surrounded by flat land. The occupants of the castle could see their enemy for miles and also see their other fortifications such as Inch castle and at Rathmullan. Today the castle lays […]

The Ruins Of Raphoe Castle

Raphoe Castle on the hill

Built in the in 1677 from stone belonging to an ancient round tower Raphoe Castle was a remarkable piece of architecture. Located on a small hill overlooking the town of Raphoe the castle faced numerous attacks over the years. The Bishops palace was perched on a hill overlooking the town of Raphoe. Each of the four […]