Inch Castle On The Waters Edge

Inch Castle was built in the mid 1400’s for Cahir O’Doherty, the last Gaelic Lord of Inishowen, by his son-in law Neachtain O’Donnell but lay in ruin by the 1600’s.

Inch Castle

Located on the southern side of Inch Island the castle faces Burt Castle, also owned by the O’Doherty’s, and is surrounded by Drongawn Lough which leads into Lough Swilly then outwards to the Atlantic sea. Lough Swilly played an important role in defending Donegal right up to World War 2 with several forts being built over the years. Some of those include Inch fort (on the north-side of the island), Rathmullen Fort, Macamish Fort, Knockalla Fort, Ned’s Point Fort, Dunree Fort and Lenan Head Battery.

Today, Inch Castle lays in ruins on the edge of farm land and is only accessible by foot. The island itself has a single road leading over to the main land near the village of Burnfoot.

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