Doe Castle in Sheapheaven Bay

Ireland has no shortage of castles and located in Sheapheaven Bay near Creeslough sits Doe Castle. Built in the 15th Century it belonged to the Mac Sweeney clan for over 200 years but had changed ownership a number of times over the years.

Doe Castle in Sheapheaven Bay

Doe Castle sites on Cannon Point and is protected on 3 sides by the sea  with the 4th side protected by a trench dug out from rock. The central keep of the castle is 55ft high and surround by a 16th century defensive wall topped with battlements and a wall walk.

The castle itself is in really good condition considering its age and thankfully its been slowly restored by the Office of Public Works who has it classed as a National Monument.

More photos of Doe Castle to follow.

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Looking over the Five Finger Strand

This photo is taken high above the Five Finger Strand which has some of the largest sand dunes in Europe. Across the bay on the other side is the Isle of Doagh.