Drone Flying On The Irish Coast

I recently invested in a DJI Phantom Drone to capture photos of the Irish landscape. Flying the drone is great fun ut I’m getting more enjoyment seeing various locations from the air.

Seeing Donegal from the air you realise really how amazing our landscape is.

Flying DJI Drone

I’ve already started making a collection of drone photos, hopefully I’ll get some posted here soon.

Chasing The Sunset

Watching the sunset surrounded by the scenery in Donegal makes it a glorious moment when the evening draws to a close.

Sunset in Gweedore
I previously mentioned watching the sunset from the Bloody Foreland, just outside the town of Gaoth Dobhair (Gweedore). A few weeks back we decided to chase the sunset to try and capture the Bloody Foreland in all its glory but unfortunately we were approximately 15 minutes late. By that time the sun had ducked down beyond the horizon leaving amazing colours in the sky.

In a viewing point between Gweedore and the Bloody Foreland we parked up to watch the night draw in. I took a few photos with this one being the best of the bunch.

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The Standoff With The Donegal Posse

It has been a while since I posted any new photos on here, sorry about that. Its not as if I got held up at a road block by some stubborn sheep. I’m still here and I’m still taking photos all over Donegal.

Donegal Sheep

About this photo: We’ve recently been blessed with some nice spring weather allowing for some spectacular sunsets. One evening last week we decided to take a drive to Mamore Gap in attempt to capture one of these sunsets. To our disappointment the mountain was shrouded in a thick cloud, like the picture in the link, so we totally missed a great opportunity as we were more fascinated by the thick fog on top of Mamore.

On the drive back from Mamore we ran into these fella’s, not really uncommon in Donegal but these sheep were not for moving. So stubborn they stood long enough to allow me to jump out of the car and get some photos.

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