Privacy Policy

When you use this website, you are passing certain information to my server and other 3rd party services. This Privacy Statement is to help you understand what data is collected and how.

Collection of personal data

At no time will this website collect personal identifiable information such as your name, address, or credit card information. I don’t even collect your email address unless you contact me first and in this case, I will only retain your email for 30 days.

The type of data collected

I’m only interested where my visitors come from, what pages they’ve browsed, and generally how they use I do this by using Google Analytics which uses internet tracking cookies. Be sure to read over Google’s privacy policy to understand what data they collect and how they collect it.  Google also offers a browser add-on to opt-out from Google Analytics for those that don’t want to be track, you can get that from here.

You can also download one of the more popular script blockers for your browser. This can be used to block adverts but to also stop websites from tracking your browsing habits.

Links to other sites

I’ll sometimes link to other websites which I have no affiliation with. I have no control over the content these 3rd party sites publish nor do I have control how they publish their content. I’ll do everything possible not to link to malicious sites or sites that could be deemed dangerous.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

Whenever changes will be made to this Privacy Statement the date of the change will be added below, I reserve the right to change this statement without prior notice. If you continue to use this website then you agree with this Privacy Statement and I’ll assume you are happy with the data that’s being collected. If you don’t agree then I suggest you skip using my website.


Last updated 02/06/2018