Stunning View From Crockalough

Crockalough is known as Ireland’s most northerly hill. Located near Malin Head I’ve only recently found this hidden gem.

If you’ve ever been to Malin Head you have probably seen a golf ball shaped building high up on a hill called Crockalough. The building is on the right-hand side as you drive towards Malin Head and cant be missed.

For years I’ve been visiting Malin Head and often wondered about the dome building high up on a hill on the road in. Recently I decided to try and track down the road that led to Crockalough, it wasn’t easy but it was well worth it.

Views from Crockalough

The view from Crockalough is simply stunning. You can see for miles along the Irish coast, nearly as far as the Bloody Foreland.

How to get to Crockalough

Getting to Crockalough, Ireland’s most northerly hill, is not easy and I had to ask a local for directions. To start with, click here to see Crockalough on Google Maps, they have it marked as Meedanmore, Sheskin, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

To drive there you’ll need to travel along the R242 towards Malin Head. You’ll reach a cross road where Mullin’s shop is located. The shop is attached to a large white house, click here to see it on Google Maps. Turn right at the junction that is sign posted for Glengad. A short distance up this road you’ll pass a bungalow on your left, keep driving and you’ll approach a second bungalow on the left with a road just before it. Turn left into this road and keep on this road until you reach a gate and cant go any further.

You can either park your car at the gate and hike the rest of the way or you can open the gate and take your car. If you do open the gate then ensure to close it behind you. If you decide to driver rather than hike then be warned, this is a very rough mountain road so drive slowly.

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