The Lonely Homes of Inishsirrer

Houses on Inishsirrer Island

Inishsirrer island is the Atlantic coast beside Gweedore and is part of a larger group of islands.  The island is only 1 mile long and 0.25 miles wide making it hard to imagine that anyone could live in such a small remote place. The 1911 Census of Ireland shows there was at least 7 family homes on Inishsirrer island […]

Dunree Fort

The Tri Colour at Dunree Fort

Dunree Fort was built high up above the rocky shore line at the mount of Lough Swilly leading into the North Atlantic. Perched ontop of Dunree Hill the fort was built during the Napoleonic Wars to protect the shore from an invasion and to protect any large ships that would have anchored in the Swilly.   The […]