The Lonely Homes of Inishsirrer

Inishsirrer island is the Atlantic coast beside Gweedore and is part of a larger group of islands.  The island is only 1 mile long and 0.25 miles wide making it hard to imagine that anyone could live in such a small remote place.

Houses on Inishsirrer Island

The 1911 Census of Ireland shows there was at least 7 family homes on Inishsirrer island made up of considerably large families with fishing being the main occupation for the residents.

Life on Inishsirrer must have been tough. With the island facing into the North Atlantic it would have been cut off from the main land during the common occurrence of bad weather.

Today nobody lives on Inishsirrer and the homes lay derelict. There are a couple of holiday homes on the island but over the years it has become a sanctuary for wildlife.

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