The Ruins Of Raphoe Castle

Built in the in 1677 from stone belonging to an ancient round tower Raphoe Castle was a remarkable piece of architecture.

Located on a small hill overlooking the town of Raphoe the castle faced numerous attacks over the years.

Raphoe Castle on the hill

The Bishops palace was perched on a hill overlooking the town of Raphoe.

Tower on Raphoe Castle

Each of the four corner towers has four large windows. The battlements along the upper walls of the castle are still visible.

Arrow Loops at Raphoe Castle

You can see a number of arrow loops on the towers and middle walls.

Inside Raphoe Castle

From what I could tell this was the front entrance of the castle, looking out towards St. Eunan’s Cathedral.

Fireplace in Raphoe Castle

The large fireplace in what I assume to be the kitchen, to the left of here there is a door way leading to the outer grounds of the Castle.

Raphoe Castle is not only a spectacular building but it also has an interesting history. The castle was built by John Leslie who was the Bishop of Raphoe at the time, its said that he used the stones from a nearby round tower. Over the years it came under attack, during the Irish Rebellion of 1641, the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland in 1650, the Williamite War in 1689, and during the Irish Rebellion of 1798.  But its fate was sealed by an accidental fire in 1838.

Unfortunately today the site lays in ruins and I’m not even sure if there is restoration plans. It would be great to see it restored either as a museum such as Donegal Castle or even a hotel like Esk Castle.


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